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What Is the Link Between Sugar and Depression?

05 Mar
An excess of simple sugars is clearly implicated in raising the risk of mood disorders.

While our naturally evolved sweet tooth craves fo  ods like doughnuts, consuming these sor  ts of sugary snacks could have a negative impact on our mental health. 

Ever been hangry? Of course you have. That's when hunger makes  you feel irritable or bad-tempered – hungry and angry. Food, or lack of it, clearly affects our moods in both healthful and harmful ways. Perhaps no food has been implicated more in the diet-mood connection than sugar.

Britain's Brain Bio Centre is as plain as can be on this matter. "There is a direct link between mood and blood sugar balance," it writes. "Poor blood sugar balance is often the single-biggest factor in mood disorders amongst the people that seek our advice."

The key word in that claim is "balance." Sugar, most naturally consumed as complex carbohydrates found in fruits and vegetables, is a necessary component of a healthy diet. But the Western diet is far from balanced. Too many people get their carbs not from complex, plant-based sources but from refined, processed foods such as white bread and other baked goods, soda, pasta and candy. Many foods today have sugar added directly to them, for no other reason than to make them appeal to our naturally evolved sweet tooth. Not only do these sources pile on too much of a sweet thing, they replace more important vitamins and nutrients that maintain physical and mental health.


Article By David Levine, Contributor, USNews Sept. 26, 2017,


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Veronica Cavallini is our Dietitian and Nutritionist.

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