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Dr. Andrea Rajnakova Dr. Andrea Rajnakova Straight Times 29/06/1997

The NUH Inaugural Annual Scientific Meeting

02 Apr
A young Czech doctor and a Singaporean research fellow, both at the National University of Singapore, won awards yesterday at the NIH Inaugural Annual Scientific Meeting.

She beat four other doctors to bag the National University Hospital first Young Doctor Award.

Dr Andrea Rajnakova, 28, was beaming with joy and gamely answering questions about her research project., which she first started a year and a half ago.

Her work: to isolate an enzyme, nitric oxide synthase, in the stomach and to see if it occurred naturally. The answer was "yes".

Dr. Rajnakova, a Slovak, is an honorary fellow at NUH. She is studying for a PhD at the National University of Singapore.

Using the tissue samples from the stomach, she also found that there were very low levels of the enzyme in the stomach if there were cancer cells.

This was an important clinical finding, she said, because doctors know that the enzyme produces nitric oxide, which is responsible for "telling" cells to complete their life cycles.

Because there is almost no nitric oxide synthase, when a cancer is present in the stomach, the cancer cells are not given signal to die and the tumour in the stomach just grows and grows, she said.

She is now working on isolating the gene which produces the enzyme, so that it can be reproduced and injected into the stomach tumour to reduce its size and kill it ultimately.


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