Causes & Cures

01 Dec
Colorectal cancer is the most common cancer in Singapore. The average population risk for developing colorectal cancer in Singapore is among the highest in the world.
21 Jun
Ever get that awfully uncomfortable burning sensation in your chest and throat? You’re not alone.
20 Oct
Stomach acids flowing back into the oesophagus is a condition that can be resolved.
21 Jul
It may show no signs but a fatty liver means trouble if untreated.
22 Dec
The murky and complex workings of stomachs, intestines, livers and gallbladders are not entirely fun to contemplate, let along devote your life to. 
10 Jan
As food intolerances and allergies become increasingly common, consultant gastroenterologist DR ANDREA RAJNAKOVA's clinic has developed a new speciality with holistic approach to food-related gastrointestinal problems such as gluten intolerance and coeliac disease.
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